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January 2017 : Eikhell corsets is officially closed, thank you all for a wonderful experience!

Terms and Conditions of Sales

These policies apply between Eikhell Corset and all clients ordering through the website

Present terms of sale are subject to change without notice.

Agreement to Terms of Sales

When placing an order any customer agrees without any reservations to these terms and conditions of sales.

Products Specifications


  • Price on this website are all taxe included and are in euros.
  • Eikhell reserves the right to modify her prices without notice.
  • The price to pay is the one indicated at the time of your order depending on base model and options.
  • The price on the bill includes shipping fees.
  • Shipping fees remains at the client's expense.
  • Any modification to the corset at any time during the course of the order asked by the client will result in a new bill, cancelling and replacing the previous one.

Loyalty offer and multiple purchases

  • Clients ordering a new corset based on a pattern made for a previous order where very little alterations are needed (1/4 of an inch here and there) and/or with some minimal shape changes (from heart-shaped cleavage to arched for example) will be able to claim "Standard" prices.
  • Clients ordering several corsets at once will be offered 10% of base corsets price in Options and Accessories. (Lining, Back panel, garters/suspenders, corset bag or even assorted jewels...)


Ownership rights

  • All goods remain Eikhell sole property until payment is received in full, no goods will be dispatched until such time.
  • Eikhell Corsets reserves the right to cancel any order with a client if there is a dispute regarding the payment of a previous order.
  • Eikhell Corsets reserves the rights on all drawings and sketches made for any order.
  • Pictures of the corset on a dummy might be use for promotional purposes.
  • Any client is free to send pictures of him(her)self wearing Eikhell's work, they will be used only with explicit authorisation.


  • After selecting your product and its options, an estimate will be made.
  • If you accept it, the order will be considered validated and a down payment representing about 30% of the total price will be asked before any work can begin.
  • Work on your order will only start after receving either a down payment or the entire amount of your order.
  • From the date of the bill, you have seven days to cancel it and get a total refund, after that, considering that the work on your order has already started, the 30% down payment will be forfeited to cover for work time and supplies expenses (fabrics, laces...)


  • A realistic time period to make your corset is approx. 2 months, so we have time to discuss the details of your project, to find and received the fabrics and trimmings and to make the corset.
  • Any given deadlines are always approximate, Eikhell is a small business and very few fabrics are in stock, plus some extra supplies might need to be ordered, the 3 to 4 weeks period starts when I have everything at hand.
  • If you wish your order to arrive very quickly you can renounce to your 7 days cancellation period by sending me a handwritten and signed letter saying so.
  • Rush fees (less then 2 weeks) are 25% of total price.

Fabrics & Ornamentations

Measures and Tight-Lacing

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