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January 2017 : Eikhell corsets is officially closed, thank you all for a wonderful experience!

Made-to-Measure Underbust

This form allows you to send me all the needed informations at once.
Please fill it only when your choices are made!
If you are yet unsure of what you want or have a more general question, please use the Contact form.
Once I have received all these infomations, I'll contact you to work out the details of your project, payment and delivery date.

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Custom Versus Standard!
If your measurements fit closely to my Standard size chart, I'll tell you to stick to Standard sizes
but if they differ greatly from this chart, custom is really the best of choice!
You will see that the price difference will we easily compensated by the comfort you'll gain! There's nothing worse than an unadapted corset!
Made to measure also allows for a wider range of shapes and styles since the pattern is drafted specially for you!
What about the mock-up ?
A corset with mock-up means perfect comfort, it's really important for specific figures
like ample breasts or bust/waist/hip ratio really wide and it's almost essential for transgender or tight-lacing.
It is still and will always be optionnal but it's an option I widely recommand!

Convert euros prices in your currency here to have the latest rates.

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Le Modèle

All the details about these designs can be found on these pages : Underbusts and Edwardians

Classic Short Classic Long Lingerie Edwardian "1901" Gorgerettes
200€ 230€ 370€ 250€
Top Shape

The shape can be a basic one or 100% custom, the bust panels from the "Gorgerettes" can also be customized.

Pointy Round Straight Custom
Bottom Shape

The shape can be a basic one or 100% custom, the suspenders extensions from the "Lingerie" model can also be customized.

Classic short/Gorgerettes Classic Long Lingerie Custom
Round Pointy Round Pointy Pointed, round... Personnalisé.

A mock-up is a crude version of the corset, I send it to you so you can try it out , this allow us to perfect the pattern.
Choosing a mock-up means you will have to be a bit more involved, since you need to take the time to do the fitting at home and take pictures, those pictures are essential to make sure the final corset will benefit from this fitting!
Please check the Mock-up page to take your decision!

A reminder of two important notions :
Without mock-up : Semi Custom : Existing pattern adapted to fit your measurements.
With mock-up : Made-to-measure : Unique pattern drafted for you with a control fitting.



All the details about these options can be found on this page : Corsetry Options

Included in base price
Other choices
Front opening  
Busk type
Removable back panel
Soft cotton lining
Busk Cover
Corset Bag
Type of Suspenders/Garter
"Lingerie" Garters/suspenders :
Those prices are for "Lingerie" models only!

All the details and possibilities are explained on this page : Fabrics & Ornamentations

Tell me about it !
How do you see your corset?
Satin, Cotton, Taffetas,
Velvet (+20€), Leather(+40€)...
Laces, trims, ribbons...
(Average budget is around 40€)
Back lacing Type
Extra lacing ? (+7€)  
  • Measurements must be taken with a measuring tape without squeezing it too much, measures must be as natural as possible, Make sure that the tape remains really horizontal in the back.
  • Get help! Or at least use a mirror.
  • If possible, while taking your measurements, take a set of pictures of your torso (front, sides, back). You can send them to me later on by email. For security reasons I cannot allow images to be send through the ordering forms.
  • Be honest, cheating with your measurements for such a close-fitting garment would be disastrous.
  • Wear a bra (unpadded!), breast position will be more accurate for measuring.
  • Start by tying a string or ribbon around your waist, this will help you locate it and is imperative to insure accuracy.
  • Pay extra attention to the vertical heights , they are essential
  • They must be took on the front of the body, lining up to the nipple, start at the ribbon around your waist and measure verticaly as instructed in the diagram below, once the height is measured, stick your finger so you don't loose that marker, you can then measure horizontaly.

Take each measurement twice for accuracy.
Please specify cm or inches.

croquis mesures croquis mesures
* *
Right under the breast, approx 4" above the waist. From the waist to the very birth of your breast. Make sure that the "Underbust" measurement was taken at that exact height.
* *
Thinest part of your body. Needed to detect if any other measurements are faulty.
* *
(Squeeze "hard" the tape at the waist to see how much you can reduce it. Make sure it's comfortable and tolerable (between minus 2"/ 4" is a good reduction (-5 and -10cm) Asseyez-vous droite et mesurez de votre taille jusqu'au pli créé par votre jambe.
Si vous avez du ventre, plaquez le pour mesurez le plus droit possible, cette mesure m'indique la limite à ne pas dépasser pour que vous puissiez vous asseoir pour les modèles "longs"
* *
Approx 3" to 4" (7/10 cm) under the waist. From the waist to the promient bone. Make sure that the "Small hips" measurement was taken at that exact height.
* *
Approx 7" (18 cm) under the waist. Assurez-vous que la mesure indiquée ci-contre pour "Hanches" ai bien été prise à cette hauteur.
Other comments

Payment methods : Paypal or bank transfer.
Average time of completion : 3 to 4 weeks once payment is received and fabric found/received.
Corsets are only made on demand, for this reason ALL sales are final , no refunds or returns will be possible.
By clicking the submit button you certify having read and approved Eikhell's Terms of Sale .

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(Most of it will end up in french though but you'll be sure I received it as well :-) )

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