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January 2017 : Eikhell corsets is officially closed, thank you all for a wonderful experience!



A mockup is a crude version of the corset.
Made in only one strong layer of fabric with busk, bones and eyelets.
It's use to check the pattern : heights, measures, shape, breast placement etc...
It insures comfort and perfect fitting.

How does it work ?

Once I received your ordering form with your measures and a deposit,
I make the mock-up and send it to you with an instruction form.
You try it on, check to see if everything is fitting as you want it to.
It's best not to do this alone, having help to tighen it correctly is the best way to insure you won't send me erroneous informations.
You'll need at minimum a ruler (ideally a measuring tape) and a camera.
Keep it for an hour, move inside, stand, sit and then fill out my form and take pictures.
If I have everything I need I'll give you the go ahead to send it back to me.

Finally, I'll make the necessary modifications to the pattern and start the final version of your corset.

For who? For when?

A Mock-up is almost never necessary for waspies and waist-cinchers when waist reduction doesn't exceed 4 " (10cm)
It is encouraged for Underbust corsets, especially the long ones.

Heavily recommended for Overbust Corsets, even more if you have a generous breast
or if you want an important waist reduction where we have to be sure about comfort.

It is obligatory if you want a new shape that I have never made before which requires a large amount of pattern modifications.
I can give you Leila's corset as an exemple, it took us three fittings to achieve the perfect "tip shape".

How much does it cost ?

Remotly : 50€ for one try on .
(plus approx. 10/20€ in shipping fees, depends on your country)
(Return fees are at your charge)

In Toulouse : 50€ for two try on maximum.

When it is obligatory, we can go up to three fittings without extra charge, except for shipping fees.


Here are a few pictures showing you how a mock-up will benefit fitting. .

This is Emilie first mock-up, measures were right but a few things needed to be better.

After changing things at the breast, making the waist curvier and the corset longer on the hips we were almost good to go.

And finally the finished corset! The last little modification was taking into account her asymetrical breast.
Thank you Emilie for allowing the use of your beautiful perfectly curvious body for this! ;-)

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