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January 2017 : Eikhell corsets is officially closed, thank you all for a wonderful experience!


Eikhell offers hand-made corsetry services.
Everything is made according to traditionnal methods to insure quality craftsmanship.

Based in Toulouse (South of France) , I offer to anyone able to visit to meet in person
to facilitate the creation of your project.

I specialize in Remote fitting , long distance orders are not a problem!

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Creating your corset :

    1 -Styles & Prices
     Choose a design you like.

    2 -Options
     Decide what the corset will look like and if you want to      benefit from a remote fitting via a mock-up.

    3 -Order
     Fill out an ordering form, Standard or Made-to-Measure

From there I'll contact you and we'll discuss the details to create your very own custom corset!

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*Update 2013*

The website had a makeover! Softer colors for a more romantic look!

I will soon add a few pages specific for wedding outfits, lingerie wear, tigh-lacing, plus sizes and men corsets!

Séparateur News
*Corrected a *big* bug*

Because of a simple misspell all the order forms were out of order since the last update, the bug has been corrected and everything is now working properly!

Séparateur News

The website has been updated, the english version is now just as pretty and complete as the french one, the standard sizes are now in place and the order forms all (i think) finished!
Don't hesitate to report anything I might have missed, any help will be greatly appreciated!

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*Special Offers!*

This Christmas Eikhell offers the possibility to make a waist-cincher at a small price.
Gifts are also included in each custom order!
Check it out

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*Major Update*

The website has been updated and many things have changed.
-The gallery has been transformed into a "blog" format in order to facilitate and clarify its use.
-A mock-up page has been added.
As well as ordering forms.

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*Christmas gifts*

Now is the right time to contact me if you're interested in a corset for christmas, it'll make you avoid the december rush!

Séparateur News

I will be on holiday from the 8th to the 20st.
I'll answer every mail when I get back!

Séparateur News
*Little change!*

To insure the best possible service to its customers, Eikhell will now be focusing mainly on Corsets.
You can always find standard size clothings and accessories in the boutique.

Séparateur News
*Boutique update*

First of all : Happy new years 2009!!!
Due to the implementation of the english version of the website, the boutique was a bit messy, it's finally all back to normal!
Prices, decriptions and size are now ll translated and up to date!

Séparateur News
*Christmas Gifts*

It's time to think about your gifts!
If you intend to offer one of my corsets or underbusts to a loved-one,
you need to order now
so I have time to make it!
If your too late,
you can always visit my shop
to find ready to ship garments.
Merry Christmas

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For Who, For When?

For a wedding, a party, a special event or everyday wear.

Corset is an easy to wear piece of clothing especially the short version (waist-cincher) which can improve any type of outfit.

Fashionista, Gothic, Victorian, Steampunk, Pin-up , Fetish, corset can accomodate any style.

For Women and for Men!

Jewellry , Accessories and Ready-to-ship creations:

Find some of my work in my online shop:

Dawanda (Jewels & Accessories)

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