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January 2017 : Eikhell corsets is officially closed, thank you all for a wonderful experience!


How can I order?

First take a look at the Shapes & Prices page and choose a model then you can contact me .
Pages Corsetry Options and Fabrics & Ornamentations allow you to choose every single details but you don't have to go through them, I can give you indication via email.(But I strongly suggest you still read them!)
Once you have chosen everything you can fill an Ordering form
this way I'll have all the informations I need in one time (adress, measures...).
I send you a bill and once a 30% deposit is paid, I begin to work.


How long will it take to receive my corset?

Once your order has been validated and I have received at least the deposit, count 3 to 5 weeks.
This actually depends on my workload at that time but I always try to give you an approximate delivery date.


How can I pay for my order ?

Bank transfer or paypal.


I need it (or want it) quite rapidly?

It takes approx. 1 month to 1 and a half month to talk about and settle the details about your order and make the corset.
If you know what you want and want it fast, your corset can be made in under a week with an extra charge of 25% of the total price.
I also recommend to choose a faster delivery method.


I'm worried about ordering online, you're so far away!?

Don't worry, we can do a remote fitting via a Mock-up allowing us to be sure about fitting and style.


Can you explain in a few words the difference between corsets' types?

Waist-Cinchers : Don't squeeze the ribs nor hips, offer little support.
Underbusts : Stop right under the breast., offer good support.
Overbusts : Cover the breast, offer great support.


I'm in the middle of a diet, is it a good time to order a corset?

A corset is a very close-fitted garment, the back lacing will allow for a little weight loss or gain but no more then half a size
if you intend to lose a few sizes, I strongly suggest you wait until your weight has stabilized before ordering your corset.


How do I take my measurments?

Everything is detailed in the Ordering Forms.


How to take care of my corset? And lace it?

The Advices page contains all the informations you need!


Can I change my mind and have my money back?

By law you can cancel your order within 7 days of payment and get all of your money back.
After that since I already started to work, the 30% deposit will be retained.
Once the corset is made, there can be no exchange or reimbursement as it has been made according to your taste and measures.
See Terms & conditions for all details.
I suggest you ask everything prior to ordering even fabric samples and a Mock-up is always a good insurance!


Do you make historical corsets?

Most of my models are already based on historical shapes, but if you're looking for historical accuracy even for a design not presented on my website,
i'm always glad to do it, ask me for a quote.


What I don't do...

Reversibles Corsets.
Alterations on Corsets.

If you want to add questions to this page don't hesitate to ask them to me!

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