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January 2017 : Eikhell corsets is officially closed, thank you all for a wonderful experience!


From this page base price includes :
* Fusible interfacing (Reinforce the fashion fabric)
* Coutil (= strong inner layer)
* Cotton or Satin Bias
* Fashion fabric is not included and will be extra
More choices and details see below.

I suggest you read the entire page, It can give you ideas but must certainly not limitate you,
if you want something not on this page, I just haven"t thought of it yet!

Pictures might show a small part of what I own or can have quickly,  my stock is of course not limitless,
but searching for a specific color or shade, a unique fabric, a lace or any type of specific ornamentation is included in the price, don't hesitate to ask!

Fashion Fabrics

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Extra costs indicated may vary according to corset type and depending on fabric.
Some fabrics such as Sik Taffetas, Flocked, Broche, Brocade or Damask exist in a very wide price range depending on the quality of the fabric and the type of pattern
however most of them will be available without any extra cost.

Click on a picture to open the slide show and learn more about each fabric type.

If you want to send me your own fabric, I will have to approve it first. Some fabrics are too thin and some synthetic fabrics will not react well on a corset, please stay away from really cheap fabrics and synthetic ones.
Fabrics 100% silk or 100% cotton are preapproved no matter what.

Plain Cotton Patterned Cotton Gilded Cottons French Toile de jouy Tartan
Plain Cotton Patterned cotton gilded cotton French toile de jouy Tartan
Dupioni Silk Silk Taffetas Flocked Taffetas Broche Brocade/ Damask
Dupioni Silk Silk Taffetas Flocked Taffetas Broche Brocade /Damask
Leather (+40€) Net/Organza Velvet (+20€) Devore Chinese Silk
Leather Net/Organza Velvet Devore Chinese Silk

Access the silks' taffetas color page to choose your color.


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Coutil is a fabric with a special weave, it's a really strong fabric ideal for corset making, its presence guarantee a quality outfit.
It's used as a strong layer and is hidden between the outside fabric and the lining when you have one.
Available in cotton, satin or patterned those last two can be used as the outer layer, these are high quality fabrics.
Satin coutil can be dyed to obtain any color you want!

Here are a few exemples of patterened coutil available:

coutil de satin blanc coutil blanc coutil ivoire coutil à petit pois blanc coutil à motifs blanc
coutil noir argent coutil blanc coutil crème et or coutil blanc rose coutil noir rouge

Soft Cotton Lining

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For more comfort and softness, a cotton lining can be added in the inside of the corset.
(+20€ Waist-cinchers +25€ Underbusts +30€ Corsets)
This lining is generally plain however I own a few patterned cotton and if one suits the colors of your corset it'll be chosen (if you like it of course)
Mostly flowers, a few dots and stripes see examples below :

Patterned LiningsExemples doublures à motifs


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Bias is used to close the top and bottom of the corset,
it can be matching or contrasting, this choice is purely aesthetic.

The bias is cut and made by myself, so you can ask to have it in the same fabric, a contrasting one or even a completely new fabric.

The price of a matching bias is included in the corset's price.
For a corset made with several fabrics, you can have the bias made in any of them, free of charge.
In the case where you want the bias to be made in a different fabric, one not used in the base corset, an extra charge of approx. 10/15€ will be charged to cover the cost of this new fabric.

Matching bias.


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Ribbons are mainly used over boning channel to create a skeleton effect.
They can also be used in any way you might like, verticaly, horizontaly...
From 15 to 70 euros depending on the type of ribbons , their number and placement...


rubans satinsrubans satins


rubans veloursrubans velours


rubans satinsrubans gros-grains

Dots, flowers, embroided, brocade, grosgrain, satin....
rubans brocartsrubans brocarts

Laces & Trimmings

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Laces are available in a wide range of widths, styles and colors
and like ribbons can be used any way you like.

Calais or Chantilly Laces
These are high quality French laces, with very fine designs
Depending on the width of the lace, prices can go from 15 to 100 euros a meter.
You then have to add the time needed to hand-stitch it.

These laces are great to create an "ancient" look however they are quite fragile.

Dentelles de Calaisdentelles
They can be used as they are or cut to create a unique pattern:

Lace Overlay

Lace overlay consists in selecting then cutting the desired motifs to create a unique shape on the corset.
The result is always spectacular but it's a long and meticulous work that can only be done by hand.
(2 and a half day for the corset below for example)
From 70 to 180 euros depending on the desired pattern.

dentelles dentelles dentelles dentelles
dentelles dentelles dentelles dentelles

Nylon Laces
Less expensive, yet very pretty, and less fragile if handle with care.



Other Ornamentations

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The list below shows all the objects that can be applied on the corset to personnalize it to the maximum,
I can make a pearl's motif, a feather neck line, sew some buttons, ribbons bows, paint a motif...
Once again, all these options can be place anywhere you like on the corset.

From 10 to over 100 euros (for a hand stitch beads and strass application for example)







Metal charms


Pearls, Beads, Strass


Frog closures




bottom bar corset

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