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January 2017 : Eikhell corsets is officially closed, thank you all for a wonderful experience!

Styles & Prices

Here you can find examples of styles as well as pictures of theses shapes.
It is always possible to personnalize the corset's shape, tell me about your ideas in our mails.

Prices are "Base price" they vary depending on options and fabrics.
(More details on pages Corsetry Options and Fabrics & Ornamentations)

Convert euros prices in your currency here to have the latest rates.

An ideal waist reduction is between 5 and 10cm (2 to 4") and I add a 5cm (2") gap in the back.
I always recommend to make a Mock-up to ensure a perfect fit when choosing made-to-measure.
Waist-Cinchers Underbusts Victorians Edwardians Ribbons 18th Designs Men



For these gentlemen, many options are possible, this page lists only masculin(s) model(s).
But all feminins models can be adapted to fit men's morphology.
Waist reduction is not the main goal of men's designs, we tend to achieve a visual refinement of the figure and support.
It is of course possible to achieve a good waist reduction if it is your wish .


Vest Corset

Corset gilet pour homme
a venir
** Made-to-measure** | *** Made-to-Measure with Mock-up***
320€ | 370€
Custom to your measurements | For an absolute comfort or Tight-Lacing
* A classic and elegant design based on a men's vest.
* This design can have two short lacings in the back or one big running all the length of the back.
* 10 panels, for a great comfort even in standard size.
* Combination of spiral and steel bones, 12 total to ensure great support.
* Made-to-Measure : The shape is entirely customizable.

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