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January 2017 : Eikhell corsets is officially closed, thank you all for a wonderful experience!

Corsetry Options

From this page base price includes :
* Silver front busk
* Metal boning
* Front modesty panel
* Back grommets
* Back Lacing
More choices and details see below.

This page lists every options specific to corsetry : Grommets color, busk widths, opening, suspenders...
I have tried as much as possible to add pictures, much more simplier to understand than a long speech ;-).

If an option costs extra, it will be specified.

If you have doubts or questions, don't hesitate to ask me about these technical details !


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There are several differents methods to open the front of your corset, choice depends on habits, aesthetic whishes or need f


- Busk is the traditionnal front opening for corsets. and with very little training, the easiest and fastest.
- Antique gold and black are only available in a limited range of length, depending on the corset design, one or two grommets might be needed to close the front properly.
Or you can add a swing hook (prices below) !

Silver Gold Antique Gold Black Heavy duty

( Include)

(+15€) (+10€) (+10€) (+20€)

Front Lacing

- Front lacing makes for a very pretty opening and is georgeous on 18th century corsets.
- The partial front lacing allows for a beautiful bust curve at the front and is great plus plus sizes cups.
- Available in Silver, Gold, Black and Antique gold.

Full length Partial length (Overbust only)
(+15/20/25€) (+15€)
oeillets argents

Swing hooks

- These swing hooks offer an elegant and orginal alternative to close the front of your corset. they can either replace the busk completely or you can just add one or two at the bust for a decorative effect.
- Please note that these are not compatible with the "busk cover" option, they are meant to be seen!

Small (3cm)
(Silver or Antique gold)
Large (4,5cm)
(Silver or antique gold)
(+8€ for 1 ) (+40€ for 5) (+10€ for 1 ) (+50€ for 5)
oeillets argents

No Opening

- You can choose to have the front completely closed., in this case, two wide spring steel are placed at the front, to ensure support.
- Great for Wedding corsets as we can better decorate the front.
- Not recommended for daily wear corsets.



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This is the skeleton of the corset, what makes it rigid and sturdy.
I only use metal boning.

Steels Spirals
These are rigid steel bones covered with white pvc, the ends must be carefully tipped to avoid ripping the fabric and hurting the wearer!
They are generally placed on the front and back of the corset.
Made of two metal wires twisted then flattened together, same concern for the ends, special metal caps exist to take care of that.
These are placed on the side, being much more supples they are appropriate for the curvier places.
baleines aciers baleines spirales

Double Boning

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Double boning Front double boning
+20€ Waist-Cinchers, +30€ Underbusts, +40€ Corsets +20€ Overbust only.
Doubling the boning makes the corset more rigid and offer a better support.
It can also be an aesthetical choice.
Doubling the numbers of bones at the front allows to reinforce this area and offers better support of the breasts. It also gives a better sensation of containment.
Recommended for ample breasts from D cup.
Essential beyond an F cup (US DDD).
double baleinage baleines aciers


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Cording consists in sewing very thin parallel casings in order to add cord in them.
The result is very similar to boning but the sensations in the end are less restrictive.
We find it mostly in historical designs.
Some of my designs have corderd pieces in them but you can ask for more!
(Price on application)

Cordage 1Cordage 2oeillets noirs 2


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Here are the shades of grommets available for the back-lacing :

Antique Gold
oeillets noirs 2 oeillets noirs 2 oeillets noirs 2 oeillets noirs 2
oeillets noirs 2 oeillets noirs 2 oeillets noirs 2 oeillets noirs 2


Modesty Panel

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This is the piece of fabric put in the back under the lacing
to protect the skin and insure an aesthetic continuity.

Front Modesty Panel (Include)
It's a little piece of fabric added to hide the skin that might show up in the front under the busk.
sous patte avantsous patte avant

Back Removable Modesty Panel
(+20€ Waist-Cinchers, +25€ Underbusts, +30€ Overbusts)
The back panel hides the skin under the lacing, il also prevents the lacing friction against the skin.
This one is not sewn to the corset, it has bones and is hold into place by the lacing.
Sets itself really easily.
sous patte dos
sous patte dos


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The corset laces is include in the basic price of the Corset/Cincher.
However if you want to have a spare one or another color, count +7€ .

Satin Ribbon (15mm 1/2")
-Available in a very wide range of colors, all those pictured below are in stock.
-Other shades might be ordered if none of these match. It may take a while for it to arrive,so please ask me first thing when ordering.
-Those wide ribbons make for a very aesthetic lacing.
Click on a shade to see a picture of the ribbon itself!
lacet satin
White Ivoire Vieux blanc Argent Metal Grey Noir Citron vert Kiwi Vert Olive grisé Vert clair Sauge profond Vert mousse Vert forêt Vert chasseur
Rose clair Camée Pivoine Rose camélia Vieux rose Rose violacé Rose victorien Rose azalée Rouge Rouge écarlate Lie de vin Bordeau  
Bleu clair Aqua Vivid Blue Antique Bleu vert Royal Light Navy Marine Orchidée clair Iris Raisin Violet Améthyste Prune
Citron Clementine Vieil or Peche Rouille Cuivre Cerise Brun Taupe Fauve Fossile Marron  
Flat and thin (5mm)
-Available in black or white cotton finished.
-White cotton lacing can be tea dyed to get off white/cream colors.
-A few colors are available with a sateen finish : Dusty pink, silver, gold, a few blues and browns.
lacet plat et fin, satiné lacet plat et fin, coton
  lacet plat  

Busk Covers

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You don't want the busk to be seen? You want to add another decorative effect?
This option is ideal, either directly with the fabric to hide it(+15€),
or with a more original shape that I can create for you.(+35€)

There's a third option for which I don't have pictures yet, it's a wide busk cover about 1 1/2" wide (+25€) ,
it covers the entire "busk" part of the corset a bit like the picture above but with a rectangular shape.


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The basic model I offer is 2cm wide (a little less than 1 inch), all kinds of ornamentations can be applied.

Metal parts will be in silver only.

Also available in a 3cm wide version (1.2 inches) (add 5€ per pair to the prices below)

Basic Available in black or white (8€ for one pair)
Jarretelles Mat
Decorated Gathered Lace or ribbon, satin bows... (15€ for one pair)
Jarretelles Décorées
Covered In the same fabric as the corset, the end grips are concealed with satin ribbon. (20€ for one pair)
Jarretelles Décorées

Corset Bag

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- Little fabric bag to store and carry your corset!

Cotton 15€
- Made in one layer of strong cotton toile with a pretty "roses" pattern.
- Open and close with ribbon matching the colors of your corset.
- A little piece of the corset fabric can be sewn , useful to find it quickly amongst your other corsets!
- Available in black or white.
Matching 20/25/30€
- Double layer bag made in the same fabric as the corset (or a matching one if out of stock).
- Open with a zipper, has also a little ribbon strap for easy carrying around.
- The lining is soft cotton, matching colors and whenever possible patterned!
- Three sizes available :
  S : Waist-cinchers and short underbusts.
M : Long underbusts and short corsets
L : Long corsets, Edwardians...

bottom bar corset

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