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January 2017 : Eikhell corsets is officially closed, thank you all for a wonderful experience!

Informations & Advices


New corset : Handle with care!

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- Do not lace it too tight!
The fabric beeing brand new, is still a bit stiff and might break or wrinkle.

- First times, don't wear it too long (few hours only), 
the corset need to "break" to your body.
With the heat of your body, the fabric as well as the corset will relax and adapt to your curves,

- Once the corset is used to your body,
you can tighten it again 30 minutes after putting it on,
you might gain a few centimeters.


Uses & Lacing

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Wearing a corset doesn't hurt, actually if it does, take it off immediatly and don't wear it anymore, it means that this corset was not made for you, and you should go Custom for your next one.
Corsets and especially Waist-Cinchers and Underbusts can be great accessories for daily-wear, they can go with pretty much everything, on a simple little dress to fancy it up, over a shirt. In the winter they can be wonderful over a large sweater or under a coat , if you add a belt over it to make your tiny waist come out your silhouette will stand out significantly.
Corsets must really be consider a very adjustable garment fitting any kind of styles!

- Storing your corset,
It's better to suspend it on a coat hanger by the lacing, rather then putting it on a shelf.
Especially after wearing it all day, it needs to "breath". Once it has dried you can fold it and store it away, preferably in a special corset bag

-Tightening it alone
If it is your first corset, don't worry, you will need a little training but it comes easily!
The type of lacing I propose is called "A la paresseuse" (paresseuse is French for lazy) , it consists in two loops at the waist making it really easy to lace up alone!
The point is to get all the excessive lace to concentrate at the waist. (From bottom to waist and from top to waist)
-Using a mirror the few first times might make things easier.
-Start by pulling on the waist loops to stabilize the corset, tight them loosely on the front so you won't loose them amongst the rest of the lacing.
-Now, find the top of the corset with your fingers and search for a cross form by the lacing to pull , then find the cross just under it and pull again, do this until you've reach the waist, at this point pull on the waist loops, you should have much more lacing then before there.
-Do the same by starting at the bottom of the corset.
-Pull one last time at the waist and finish with a bow knot.

Lacing your Corset
-Sit down and start by placing each half of the corset on a leg, fashion side facing up.
-Lace from top of the corset to bottom.
-Start by putting the lace in the two tops eyelets from underneath the corset.
- Then take one end of the lace and put it in the next eyelet, but this time from above.
-This means that if the lace is going out an eyelet from above the corset, it should go back in the next one above as well, and if it's coming out from under the corset it should go back in from under as well.
-When you have reach the waist, and your lace is going out from underneath the corset, skip one eyelet and put it in the one just below.
-Then go back to the previous eyelet you've just skipped to create the waist loop. Do the same with the other part of the lace.
-You can now finish lacing the rest of the corset following the rule : Out above = In above, Out under = In under.
- You should end up with this:

Ready-Made Ideas

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Lean forward.
(To put on your shoes for example...)
The busk will bend, pushing uncomfortably onto the stomach, might even be damage. Also some tensions are apply to unsual spots of the corset, fragilized, the fabric might rip.

- Drink soda.
The size of your stomach is diminished, gaz can become very painful...
And I'm not even talking about the subtle details...

- Eat a big meal.
Same reasons as before, your stomach is too small.
You'd better make several small meals.

- Tighten the corset after eating.
Nauseas guaranteed!

- Try to open the busk when the back lace is not fully loosen.
You will have to tense your stomach, and to force on the busk to get it off,
Busk are made of steel, but are not unbreakable.

Cleaning & Caring

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- Never in the washing machine!
Bones might bend.

- Dry cleaning preferably.
You can get it to a dry-cleaner only if you are sure of its competences, you might also ask for a value insurance to be sure and don't forget to mention that all bones are metal.

- Corsets don't like water!
Everything inside is in metal, and has been treated against rust but it might still happen and stain the fabric. You can still wash it in water in case a serious stain won't come off any other way. In this case you'll have to dry it quite quickly, put it in a towel to remove the excess water then hang it out to dry

- To wash the inside.
Delicatly, with a humidified towel and soap. 
A must do regularly if you wear it directly against your skin. If you wear it on a top you won't have to do it so often.


- If you stain the outside,
Same method as before, but be extra cautious with delicate fabrics (velvet, silk, satin...)
You should make a test on an hidden part of the modesty panel, some fabric such as silk mark with water.

- Washing your corset,
If nothing else works then you might come to a point where washing your corset is inevitable , I don't really recommend this as it speeds up the corset aging process and you shouldn't wash it this way more then once a year.
-Fill the sink or a bowl with mild water and add some natural soft soap.
- Immerse the corset for a few minutes
-With a soft brush, gently scrub perspiration stain.
-Rince it once with hot water once with cold water to insure all soap is gone.
-Roll it in a towel to absorb as much water as possible.
-Suspend it by the lace in a ventilated room or even in front of a ventilator to speed up the drying process (If left there for too long water will encourage rust) Keep it away from direct sunlight, especially for dark tone fabrics.
- Iron at a low temperature with a piece of fabric between the iron and the corset, Don't press too hard on the boning channels as the presence of metal parts might create some markings.

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